Comedy Society at the University of York provides a platform for all people to do all types of comedy. We host shows every week of term, all completely written and performed by our members. As well as this, we run weekly workshops on Stand-Up, Sketch Writing, Sketch Acting and Improv. All of our workshops give you the chance to try out your ideas or get inspiration from others in a pressure free environment.

We also go to the Edinburgh Fringe every year with two shows by our sketch and improv troupes, The Dead Ducks and, The Shambles.

I want get involved!

Fantastic! The easiest way to get involved is to join our mailing list by filling in this form. By joining our mailing list, you can find out about the locations and times of our weekly workshops. We also have our own Facebook group which you can join here.

The Facebook groups for our weekly workshops can be found below

All of our workshops are free to attend. However, if you’d like to perform in one of our shows, you’ll have to pay our low membership fee of £5! You can pay membership here.